GCE high voltage bms is the most reliable,efficient and stable battery management solution
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Stackable High voltage bms for Home ESS
Safe and reliable high-voltage household lithium battery system will greatly improve energy conversion efficiency
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GCE got 3-4 level structure of high voltage bms design principles. We named slave BMS as battery management unit(BMU),which is responsible for collecting voltage, tempreture, SOC, HOC… from every battery in the pack, and passive balancing. We named master BMS as rack battery management system(RBMS),RBMS is a 2-6U standard iron box with BMS overall solution. The battery energy storage systems then can easily be built up with GCE BMS. And we named 3rd-level BMS as stack battery management system(SBMS),which can make 8-10pcs of RBMSs in parallel, displaying all cell inforations on a 7inch touch screen. Both RBMS and SBMS have rich interfaces for protocol communication with PCS/inverter, EMS or UPS.
GCE workers are installing the main control cabinet of high-voltage BMS

GCE Manufacture tower (2012-2023)

Stackable Home ESS is very popular in the energy storage market. But, most of the suppliers are provide 48V battery packs in parallel systems. This kind of battery systems have low efficiency of energy conversion. GCE provides high voltage stackable BMS and battery systems from 144V to 700V, which has greatly improved electric power conversion. With the strong support of GCE BMS, your home battery energy storage system will be more safe, efficient and reliable!

High Voltage BMS makes energy more efficient

Integrated BMS is composed of BMS main control board, BMU sampling board, high voltage board, switching power supply, Hall sensor, DC contactor, micro-break switch, power connection terminal, structural box, and wiring harness. The most striking characteristic of the BMS is combining the main control board, sampling board, and other power devices integrated into one, keeping the system as a secondary structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible installation and low cost. It is suitable for use with larger capacity batteries, such as 50-100ah batteries, and the battery module and BMS are installed separately.

GCE high volatge bms factory (2016-2023)


Introduction Integrated high voltage bms is unique design, it was R&D by GCE technical reaserch group in 2019. The purpose of developing BMS all-in-one machine(integrated

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High Voltage BMS is a 3-level structure of battery management system. It includes slave bms(BMU), master BMS (RBMS) and Stack BMS(SBMS).BMU installs in every basic battery module, and modules connect in series to be high voltage systems.

Our Group was established in year 2012. We have continuously updated and iterated our developed high-pressure BMS products for 11 consecutive years. Fortunately, we have won high praise from customers. Unfortunately, there are more and more plagiarists!

We offer best after sales services,warranty, technical online support. We especially offer OEM and ODM for our TOP 10 buyers.

We provide the best BMS in the world. We are the industry leader in terms of product quality and technology research and development. The top 10 buyers we serve are global well-known new energy giants.

If you make every battery module to be 24 strings, our High Voltage BMS can connect 17 modules in series. If you make every battery module to to 8 Strings, then we can make 51 battery modules in series.

In theory, the number of battery racks/cabinets in parallel is unlimited. However, for the convenience of battery modular management, we will connect every 8-10 battery racks/cabinets in parallel to form a battery stack, and then connect 8-10 stacks in parallel to form a battery bank. And so on.

We can produce over 1000sets of high voltage bms and 40000pcs of low voltage bms every month. According to order quantity, our delivery shall be 15-30days.

We welcome powerful merchants from all over the world to become our agents or distributors. When the annual order amount reaches US $1 million, it can become the regional agent of GCE BMS; When the order amount reaches 500000 US dollars, you can become a local distributor, enjoy the corresponding rights and interests, and undertake the sales task.

If you are in the industry of the following picture with battery power solution applications,


GCE BMS Application

GCE high voltage bms application range