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Integrated high voltage bms is unique design, it was R&D by GCE technical reaserch group in 2019. The purpose of developing BMS all-in-one machine(integrated BMS) is to meet the lithium battery series modules in the range of 30 to 75 strings, because customers in this range of strings have a special demand for BMS, and the current is within 100 amps. So far, BMS all-in-one machine(integrated BMS) has been developed to the third generation. Integrated BMS can not only meet the requirements of small energy storage system, small UPS, off-grid energy storage, marine lithium battery system, low-speed electric and other aspects.

30-75S integrated bms

Three types of versions

TYPE ONE: Integrated bms

This type of version is the original appearance. it’s mainly use for home ESS, island off-grid energy storage , micro-grid energy power application,ups power supply and power systems 220V DC and so on.BMS integrated BMS is composed of BMS main control board(bms pcb/MCU), BMU sampling board, high voltage board, switching power supply, Hall sensor, DC contactor, microswitch, power terminal, structural box and wiring harness, etc.; the characteristic is that the main control board Integrate with sampling board and other power devices to keep the system as a secondary architecture. It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible installation and low cost, and is suitable for integrated installation with small capacity batteries. The BMS integrated machine component is mainly suitable for the charge and discharge management of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP),NMC,LTO.

BMS in 30-75S battery pack

TYPE TWO: Integrated bms with iron box

With the continuous change of customer demands, the discharge current of large capacity lithium battery cells may also be within 100A, so the batery modules need to be made into multiple indepandent iron boxes and then connected in series. Integrated bms can’t be put into one of the battery modules for management.The second type is to add an iron box to the integrated bms. GCE bms designers began to adjust the internal components of BMS and redesign the structure. The upgrated two versions got new functions and can add lcd,AC/DC dual power supply, and maximum 7pcs in parallel.

Integrated BMS with iron-box

TYPE THREE: 30-75S BMS for boats/forklifts

This type of BMS application has the requirement with dishcharge current from 100-400Amp, and some applications has room limitation. So, this type of BMS has no definite appearance and our GCE designed and produced for bulk order customers.

high voltage bms for boat/forklift


For the low cost and high quality of integrated bms, our integrated high voltage bms has become very popular in many countries. From it’s unique design appreance, every one in battery energy storage/ new energy industry will know this type comes from GCE technology. We welcome you to establish cooperation relationship with us as agents and distributors in local market. Our technology, high quality BMS products can help you to win the market share in the competition.

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