Applications of High Voltage BMS in Energy Storage and Backup Battery Systems

GCE high voltage BMS for BESS

Battery Energy storage is a crucial component of modern power systems, as storage technologies improve power quality through frequency regulation and provide a continuous power source for critical infrastructure. Businesses install storage technologies for several reasons, including cost savings and grid support. Large-scale energy storage can help the electricity grid work more effectively, contributing to […]

GCE High Voltage BMS: A Comprehensive Energy Storage Solution for Lithium-ion Batteries

battery pack

As the demand for renewable energy increases, the need for efficient energy storage solutions has become more critical. Lithium-ion batteries have emerged as one of the popular energy storage options for their high energy density and long cycle life. However, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of lithium-ion batteries, an advanced battery management system […]

How to update GCE high voltage BMS software?

GCE high voltage bms technical team supporting online with customer from Korea. Battery system configuration Cell LTO cells  1.5V-2.7V 50Ah Pack 24S pack voltage=2.4*24=57.6V50Ah system voltage 15 packs in series. Total voltage=57.6V*15=864V Battery racks in parallel 2 racks in parallel Discharge current single rack discharge 125A, total discharge current 250A BMS product list RBMS (master […]

GCE High voltage BMS operation guide

GCE High voltage BMS operation guide Facebook Twitter LinkedIn According to statistics, there are millions of new energy lithium battery practitioners in the world, most of whom are engaged in the application of technologies and processes such as electric vehicles, digital, tools, electric motorcycles, 2-wheel, 3-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles, and 2-30 series lithium battery modules. […]

GCE high voltage bms specification list

5u master bms

GCE high voltage bms specification list Master+Slave BMS structure 2U master BMS specification (RBMS) Click here 3U master BMS specification (RBMS) Click here 4U master BMS specification (RBMS) Click here 5U master BMS specification (RBMS) Click here 8-16S slave BMS (BMU) Click here 17-24S slave BMS (BMU) Click here Stack BMS(SBMS) Click here Integrated high […]