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GCE High voltage BMS operation guide


According to statistics, there are millions of new energy lithium battery practitioners in the world, most of whom are engaged in the application of technologies and processes such as electric vehicles, digital, tools, electric motorcycles, 2-wheel, 3-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles, and 2-30 series lithium battery modules. The industrial application of 96v-1000v higher DC voltage has developed rapidly in recent years, such as large lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage power station, lithium battery ups that must be used in large data center, large photovoltaic off grid power station and so on.

High voltage BMS is the core component of large lithium battery system. Therefore, the use of high-quality high-voltage BMS can ensure the safe, efficient and stable operation of lithium battery system. Many lithium battery practitioners are afraid of high-voltage lithium battery system, and there are certain technical barriers to high-voltage BMS. Therefore, even if there are many customer needs, there are not many enterprises and personnel involved in the field of high-voltage system.

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