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GCE high voltage bms specification list

Master+Slave BMS structure

2U master BMS specification (RBMS)

3U master BMS specification (RBMS)

4U master BMS specification (RBMS)

5U master BMS specification (RBMS)

8-16S slave BMS (BMU)

17-24S slave BMS (BMU)


Integrated high voltage bms

30S-75S integrated BMS

30S-75S integrated BMS in iron-box

HV BMS for stacable home ESS

144V-700V stackable high voltage bms

Low voltage BMS

4S 100A BMS

4S 150A BMS

4S 200A BMS

8S 100A BMS

8S 200A BMS

15S 100A BMS telecome version

15S 150A BMS telecome version

16S 100A BMS ESS version

16S 150A BMS ESS version

GCE communication protocols

GCE BMS Rs485 communications protocol

GCE BMS CAN communications protocol

GCE BMS SBMS to EMS protocol

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