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How to update GCE high voltage BMS software?

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GCE high voltage bms technical team supporting online with customer from Korea.

Battery system configuration

LTO cells  1.5V-2.7V 50Ah

24S pack voltage=2.4*24=57.6V50Ah

15 packs in series. Total voltage=57.6V*15=864V

2 racks in parallel

single rack discharge 125A, total discharge current 250A

RBMS (master bms) RBMS07D20-125A864V  *2pcs

24S BMU(slave bms)*BMU08-24S08T12F*30pcs

24S wire harness *30pcs

SBMS(Stack bms)*1

Reasons for BMS installation help

software for RBMS , all 15 battery packs in series datas are normal.

SBMS 7 inch touch screen displays only battery pack 1 to 9, pack 10 to 15 data is unable to display.

Rapid technical support

Just upgrade the SBMS firmware

GCE technician gave upgrading the SBMS firmware suggestion, and shared the software and guiding document to Korean customer. Customer goes back and shows the pictures as follows.

Why did he fail to upgrade the firmware?

customer Mr. Lee made a mistake, he upgraded the RBMS not SBMS.

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