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Hunan group control energy technology Co., Ltd. (GCE) is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development of BMS and lithium battery peripheral equipment.

The high-performance intelligent lithium battery management system produced by our company adopts the international leading technology, which greatly improves the battery management efficiency and prolongs the service life of lithium battery. The advanced BMS control strategy avoids the difficulties and instability faced by most competitors for our BMS.

4S to 24s low voltage software BMS has a wide range of uses, rich product interfaces, strong scalability and secondary development compatibility; 30s to 75s BMS adopts master-slave integrated design and relay solution to meet the lithium battery demand of multiple strings of small capacity batteries. Greatly reduce the use cost of users; 60s-270s adopts master-slave three-level architecture, which can meet the series and parallel requirements of high-capacity single lithium batteries within 1500V.

Our Company

Fast Growing New Energy Company

With the tight development of global energy, our GCE BMS company has provided high-quality high-voltage battery management system for large global users, and has become the leader of lithium battery core components in the new energy industry with an annual growth rate of 3-5 times.

Clean and low-carbon energy is a great plan for human survival, and lithium battery energy storage is one of the most mainstream methods to store the electric energy converted from solar energy. Our GCE company has always insisted on contributing a safe, efficient and reliable battery management system for lithium battery energy storage.

Jeffrey tang

Co-Founder, CEO of GCE

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