38s 50A hot Lifepo4 Smart Bms For Lithium Battery ups

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BMS integrated machine components are composed of BMS main control board, BMU sampling board, high voltage board, switching power supply, Hall sensor, DC contactor, microswitch, power terminal, structural box and wiring harness, etc.; the characteristic is that the main control board Integrate with sampling board and other power devices to keep the system as a secondary architecture. It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible installation and low cost, and is suitable for integrated installation with small capacity batteries.

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38s 50A BMS hot Lifepo4 Smart Bms For Lithium Battery ups

Do you know which solution can save your cost?

Integrated BMS supports 30S-75S lithium battery packs.30s to 75s BMS adopts master-slave integrated design and relay solution to meet the lithium battery demand of multiple strings of small capacity batteries less than 100Ah. It greatly reduce the cost of users.

Unique Design for bms :

It is the latest product developed by GCE and it’s unique in the market.

38S 121.6V 50Amp BMS

Communication protocol between BMS and inverter:

CAN, RS485, Bluetooth, GPRS,Dry Contact

* Design: Master & Slave all in one

* Efficient, stable and reliable

* size:W410*H232*D128cm





BMS Product overview

  • Each 15 strings is a battery collection unit, and 75 series batteries have 5 acquisition units.
  • 3 temperature acquisition probes per 15 series, 12 in total for 60 series; 15 in total for 75 series
  • current collection uses Hall sensor, safe and reliable, no heat
  • SOC estimation error ≤ 5%;
  • 3-digit address dialing to set the BMS address;
  • 3-channel relay dry contact output;
  • 4-channel contactor expansion and auxiliary contact detection;
  • Provide PC software to facilitate the customer to debug the battery system, or modify the system parameters through the host computer;
  • Support for parallel use (maximum 7 units);

BMS Application scenarios

◎  Home storage

◎  Off-grid energy storage

◎  Micro-grid applications

◎  Grid frequency modulation energy storage

◎  UPS power supply

◎  Power System 220V DC power supply

BMS Product Features

1.It is high integrated with less installation space.

2.Long life cycle, >3000 times at 80% DOD.

3.Integrated BMS is without heavy metals and environment friendly.

4.Maintenance free,there is no memory effect.

5.Internal BMS with full protection,battery has high voltage protection with higher reliability.

6. Master and Slave all in one.

Integrated BMS main technical parameters

Basic ParametersModel no.  

Product Name

Integrated BMS(master slave together in one)
Model no. RBMS07S64S100A
System voltage range 120 – 370 VDC
Startup mode DC start
Number of battery strings 38S
Communication mode CAN: 1 channel (communication with PCs / UPS)
RS485: 1 channel (communication with upper computer / PCS / UPS)
SOC ≤5%
New Weight 4.5kg
balance  Balance type Passive resistance Balance
Balanced current 100mA ± 10mA

(When single cell reach 3.50V )

Voltage sampling accuracy single cell ±20mV
Voltage sampling Temperature ± 2℃
Protection level two levels Level 1 cut off charge / dischargeLevel 2 micro cut-off switch, system power down
Display mode 6-digit LED indicator, including 1-bit fault indication, 1-bit operation indication,4-bit SOC power indication

HMI display: optional 3.5 inch

Rated current 50A/100A(be selected according to customer needs)
Short circuit protection Support 7.5KA 20ms
Maximum overload capacity 50A system transient: 70A/10S

100A system transient: 150A/10S

Alarm level Level 1
Protection level two levels

Level 1 cut off charge / discharge

Level 2 micro cut-off switch, system power down

Power consumption ≤10W
Withstand voltage rating 1800VDC 1mA 1min
Safety certification Comply with CE certification standards
Operating temperature -20~60℃
Operating humidity range <90 RH(40℃±2℃)
HMI display 3.5 inches, 7 inches optional (external) (optional)

30S BMS(Master and slave all in one)Dimension

30s-75S integrated BMS(Mater and slave all in one)
30s-75S integrated BMS(Mater and slave all in one)

If you want to know more bout our bms,please download spec here.

BMS box interface diagram:

30s bms 96V100A
30s bms 96V100A

J1:                       1-15 series of voltage and  temperature collection sockets

J2:                     16-30 series of voltage and temperature collection sockets

J3:                     31-45 series of voltage and temperature collection sockets

J4:                     45-60 series of voltage and temperature collection sockets

J5:                     61-75 series of voltage and temperature collection sockets

P4-0:                BMS motherboard power socket                                                       24VDC

P5:                     Hall and high voltage board socket                                                  Connected to Hall sensor and high pressure plate

P11:                   Interface board socket                                                                         Connect with interface board

COM…VO4:    Internal control detection socket                                                      Control and detection of contactor circuit breakers


Interface board interface chart:


30-75S BMS 100A
30-75S BMS 100A

AC220V:               AC power socket                                                            AC start up(Note that it must be  connected to the UPS AC output terminal)

DC Start:              DC start switch

ID:                        Dial switch                                                                       3 bits for address selection

24V+ 24V-:         Dry contact socket                                                         24V output,isolated from power(Power to the display)

R1 R2 R3:            Dry contact socket                                                         Dry contact1 Dry contact2 Dry contact3

COM1 COM2:     COM1 is connected in parallelwith COM2               4:CAN_H   5:CAN_L    7:RS485_A   8:RS485_B

ERR:                     Fault  indicator                                                              Red

RUN:                    Running lights                                                               Green

SOC%:                  battery indicator                                                           25: SOC Between 0%-25%      50: SOC Between 25%-50%      75: SOC Between 50%-75%     100: SOC Between 75%-100%

Balance function

BMS uses the resistor circuit to balance the cell. The cell voltage of the battery pack reaches 3.5V and the voltage of the cell is higher than the lowest single-segment voltage of 50mV, or the cell voltage exceeds 3.65V to turn on the balance function. Time (except for overcharge and full charge) balance stops.

Note: The equalization voltage can be set.

Company profile

Hunan Group Control Energy Technology Co., Ltd.(GCE) is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development of BMS and lithium battery peripheral equipment. The high-performance intelligent lithium battery management system produced by our company adopts the international leading technology, which greatly improves the battery management efficiency and prolongs the service life of lithium battery. The advanced BMS control strategy avoids the difficulties and instability faced by most competitors for our BMS.
4S to 24s low voltage software BMS has a wide range of uses, rich product interfaces, strong scalability and secondary development compatibility; 30s to 75s BMS adopts master-slave integrated design and relay solution to meet the lithium battery demand of multiple strings of small capacity batteries. Greatly reduce the use cost of users; 60s-270s adopts master-slave three-level architecture, which can meet the series and parallel requirements of high-capacity single lithium batteries within 1500V.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 510 × 310 × 210 mm
Product name

Battery Management System

Brand Name



Solar, Wind, UPS, EV Car,Home Appliances,Boats,Energy storage system


3 years






CAN, RS485

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