GCE 192V50A high voltage BMS integrated BMS with iron-box

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GCE 192V50Ahigh voltage BMS integrated BMS with Chassis

30S-75S integrated BMS with caseintegrated BMS with case


◎ Home storage
◎ Island off-grid energy storage(Recommended)
◎ Micro-grid applications
◎ UPS power supply
◎ Power System 220V DC power supply


The case-type all-in-one integrated BMS is composed of BMS main control board, BMU sampling board, high voltage board, switching power supply, Hall sensor, DC contactor, micro-break switch, power connection terminal, structural box, and wiring harness. The most striking characteristic of the BMS is combining the main control board, sampling board, and other power devices integrated into one, keeping the system as a secondary structure.

30-75S high voltage bms Features

  • It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible installation and low cost. It is suitable for use with larger capacity batteries, such as 50-100ah batteries, and the battery module and BMS are installed separately.Especically suitable for off-grid solar PV energy storage applications where there is no no communication protocol in BMS and inverter;
    ● Each 15S is a battery collection unit, that is total of 4 collection units in a 60S batteries; total 5 collection units in a 75S batteries;
    ● Each 15S coming with 3 temperature acquisition probe, so 60S total 12 temperature acquisition probe; 75S total 15 temperature acquisition probe;
    ● Hall sensor is used for current acquisition, which is safe and reliable, no heating;
    ● SOC estimation error ≤5%;
    ● 3-digit address dial to set BMS address;
    ● 2-channel relay dry contact output;
    ● 4-channel contactor expansion and auxiliary contact detection;
    ● Provide host computer software, which is convenient for customers to debug the battery system, and can also modify system parameters through the host computer;
    ● Support parallel use (maximum 7 set in parallel);

high voltage bms Technical Data Sheet

Project Specification and datas
System operating voltage range 120 – 370 VDC
Start method DC start
Balance Balance type Passive resistance equalization
Balanced current 100mA ± 10mA (when the monomer is 3.50V)
Sampling accuracy ± 2℃
Voltage sampling Sampling accuracy Single cell ±20mV
Communication method CAN: 1 channel (communication with PCS/UPS)

RS485: 1 channel (communication with the host computer/PCS/UPS)

Display mode 6-digit LED indicators, including

1-digit fault indication, 1-digit running indication, 4-digit SOC power indication

HMI display: optional 3.5 inches

Rated current 50A/100A (can be selected according to customer needs)
Short circuit protection Support 6KA 20ms
Maximum overload capacity 50A system transient: 70A/10S

100A system transient: 150A/10S

Alarm level Level 1
Protection level Level 2:

Level 1 Cut off charge/discharge

Level 2 Turn off the micro-break switch and power off the system

Power consumption ≤10W
Weight 7kg
Pressure rating 1800VDC 1mA  1min
Safety certification Compliant with CE certification standards
operating temperature -20~60℃
Operating Humidity Range <90 RH(40℃±2℃)


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 510 × 310 × 200 mm

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