To get details of customer's project information so as to make suitable BMS solutions with better service.
ESS, EV, UPS, special vehicles etc.
according to LFP:3.2V NMC:3.7V, LTO:2.4V etc. Eg: LFP 160S 512V
if no cells parallel inside of pack, please fill cell capacity, if 2 or above cells parallel , eg: 20Ah*5
Eg: 50 kw
if only one rack works alone, then single pack discharge current=total discharge current.
eg: 4 racks in parallel, each rack discharge current is 250Amp, then total current is 250*4=1000A
For communication required
how many battery packs in each of your system?
Battery racks/cabinets in your single system, if stand alone please fill "1"
slave BMS(BMU) wires connecting to each pole of cells in your battery pack.
Leakage protection, Total voltage not above 300V can not install insulation. please check "NO"
Center top is for UPS application. eg. +-240V which means to make a power wire between the No.5 and No.6 battery pack and connet to "N" pole of BMS.
SBMS is to make RBMS in parallel and display battery informations. Each SBMS connecting to 8-10 RBMS.singel rack system, please fill "0"